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Key o'key 2.0

Typing should be fast and beautiful. The keyboard simulator...

Typing should be fast and beautiful. The keyboard simulator `Key o`key` with full Unicode support (English, German, Russian, and Spanish) helps you quickly master blind ten-finger typing method.

By completing all the studying course, you will type at least with the speed of 200-250 chars per minute (ch/min) and with minimal errors quantity (not more than 1%).

This will let you type the standard page (about 1800 chars, including spaces) for 8-10 minutes. So for one hour of your working time you would type 5-6 pages of the printed text.

Trainer`s features:-Possibility of using `backspace` key;-Correcting errors after completing the exercise;-Interactive changing normative requirements for completing exercise;-Special exercises for accelerating typing speed from 70 to 300 ch/min;-Changing skins;-Quick tuning the software for individual user`s tasks;-metronome presence.

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